I had the pleasure of working with Sam Zniber at The Beat 92.5 in Montreal. A man with a vision and a great coach. He just gets it!



I worked with Sam for 2 years in Montreal at COGECO. He was my Program Director. Sam was very good at identifying the talent around him. Sam took his many years of experience in radio from around the world and influenced me greatly as a broadcaster.  Not only did he believe in me as a great radio person he made me a better one. I truly believe you can take things from each leader and Sam taught me how to dig deep as an announcer and bring my show to the next level. He was very in tune with me. I will forever be grateful for my time with Sam, his passion for radio is incredible. We always joked that one day we would work together internationally, and you never know what could happen :) 

/ Donna Saker/


Insanely efficient are the words that come to mind when I think about Sam Zniber. I had the joy of operating with Sam for three years at Lagardere Media Group, collaborating on numerous major media projects in several different countries. I was especially fascinated by Sam's ability to help our Radio Program Directors, Music Directors and Marketing Directors to growth their audience market share by improving the content, the brand, and the product while having pleasure at work.

Sam Zniber made sure our work travels were never without fun. As a leader, an advisor, a coach, a shareholder, or a content creator Sam earns my highest recommendation.

/ Arnaud Larsonneur/


Sam Zniber brought a welcome dose of fresh thinking to Galaxy during his time there. He manages to combine creativity with an eye for detail when it comes to the execution of the ideas he puts in place. He made a big impact during his time at Galaxy and was much liked and respected by his colleagues on and off-air.

/ Nick Button/


Sam Zniber is friendly, and he communicates clearly and completely without bias, attitude, or judgement. Sam Zniber always remains his client advocate and keeps his client's best interests and needs top of mind. I strongly recommend Sam Zniber if you need a good guy to help you with your business. And not only Sam helps you to reach your goals but he will also bring a good vibe in the team. 

/ George Binios/


Sam Zniber knows the precise objectives, et exactly where he wants to go. He has a very knowledge, that is why working with him is so simple because we are talking about the same story.

/ David PERREAU/


Sam Zniber is seriously talented! Sam's passion for his work along with an amazing mind is what makes him stand out from the crowd. He is a wonderful balance of genius & humility in motion. Everyone loves Sam - he gives so much, does so much and is so much. He is generous, principled, dedicated and disciplined.

/ Jackie Furey/